Sunday, November 24, 2013


An evening clutch handbag in  sweetheart satin, pink and ivory, interior in white minky, quartz and rhinestone fastener.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

OLD TENNENT CHURCH  MONMOUTH BATTLEFIELD - We used to have our 4-H dinners at this historic Presbyterian church, but never attended a church service here.   Today, we had breakfast in Farmingdale and then walked the foggy Monmouth Battlefield.  We wanted to see the new location of Molly Pitcher's Well, which is supposed to be near the last important campaign of The Battle of Monmouth, near Perrine Hill.  We decided to search for the well on another day, but did not want to miss the 11:00 service at this beautiful church.    It was built by Scottish Dissenters (Calvinists) in 1697.  Its Georgian architecture is simple and beautiful, no lavish interior adornments, so the parishioners could focus on God's word.  The family box pews have doors to keep the heat in during the cold winters, as the church is not heated.  The church was used as a field hospital during the Revolutionary War, some of the woodwork is still scarred by the battle markings and the  blood of Patriots, many of which are buried in the Church's cemetery.