Monday, October 28, 2013


Our Little Kitty, age 20, had been missing for over a week.  We had looked everywhere for him, thinking the worst had happened.  Little Kitty was completely blind and deaf and was totally reliant on us to feed and carry him around.  One day he got out and disappeared-- we assumed he was somewhere  around the outside or in the barn, but no trace of him was found.  Until yesterday, when
my husband, Fred was sitting outside the pharmacy and noticed a large "Lost Cat" sign in the window, which looked exactly like our cat!  He called the telephone number on the poster and drove over to the home and there he was, Little Kitty!  He had been found by a kind neighborhood family, they had fed him, cared for him, and even taken him to the vet (who clipped his nails).  They said that they had found him in the woods and he seemed like he was trying to find his way home.  Thank you to this kind family who took such good care of our cat and showed true  animal compassion. 

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