Saturday, March 29, 2014


Fred and I finally got away for a Saturday, driving west into the rainy spring afternoon.  We did some healthy grocery shopping at Terhune's Orchard and General Store.  Fred brought apple cider and apples and I found some parsnips, tomatoes,  and greenhouse lettuce, very fresh and farm grown.  We sat on the front porch with the cat and drank tea while viewing the newly pruned vineyard.  We then toured the art gallery behind the winery, admiring the local artists' work and the beautiful l50 year old barn structure.  Our next stop was the Green Expo in Lawrence --in the Armory which also has a interesting Field Artillery Museum.  Some of the Army vehicles are housed in the old stables, which date from 1900.  Our last stop was for late lunch at La Piazza in Allentown, very relaxing with no interruptions.  Can't wait until the next getaway!

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