Friday, February 18, 2011


It was a beautiful day for a drive along the seashore heading up to the Highlands for a girls' night of movies and great food. After dinner at the Marina Diner, we settled in for a night of movies ("The Holiday" with Cameron Diaz & Kate Winslet) and feasted on unusual snack combinations
which included chocolate eclairs, bagel pretzels with spinach dip, chips and salsa, goldfish and chardonnay. In the morning, we headed for Brookdale for our bus trip to the Philadelphia Art Museum. We spent the early part of the day at the public tour of African American Art and the large scale paintings from India. Then across the street on the shuttle to the Perelman Building, with its beautiful art deco exterior ornament (office building transformed into museum annex)
to see "The Peacock Male: Exuberance and Extremes in Masculine Dress".

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