Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have been watching our chicken, Reddy for the past few days. She has not seemed like herself, quite slowed down and not keeping up with the other chickens. After careful examination, I could find nothing wrong, so I spent alot of time just observing her. They say that when you suspect an illness, the sick chicken should be separated from the rest of the flock, but since nothing was apparent, I felt that the fresh air and sunshine and scratching around were the best therapy. Today she was better, just a little careful leaving the coop door and trailing behind the others, but she was more active and did take her own dust bath in the afternoon (total relaxation therapy for chickens). It was probably just Reddy's way of getting used to the change in seasons, after being cooped up most of this long winter and the excitement that Spring brings was probably so overwhelming to her!

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