Thursday, January 20, 2011

BARN RAISING 1984-2011

Fred and I bought the farmhouse and barn in 1984. Both structures were in need of attention, but the barn had to be completely rebuilt from inside out. I helped take the original beaded siding off, clean it and cut it. Fred did the hard work as you can see from the 1984 picture. He put new treated beams and posts in, and one by one the structure became sound, until the March Northeaster'.
After the storm, the barn looked tilted, so everything had to be readjusted and straightened before the doors and siding could be fitted. It was a monumental job, and today we are still fixing bits and pieces. Somewhere along the way, we came across the original barn builder's gun case, owner Charles Newton and also owner of the farm and house. We hung the case in the barn over the original sliding doors.

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Anonymous said...

Cheryl, I never knew you and Fred re-did the whole barn! Or I forgot.
Great job! Love, Han