Friday, January 28, 2011


Theatre mailer, yoga mat design, silkscreen on paper, theatre poster for Brookdale, newspaper ad for Harbor Island Spa, blue peacock sketch


Lydia said...

Charming! I love those two happy ones on top. I especially am drawn to the one of the feather (gorgeous) and the last drawing (exquisite). Have you known some peacocks personally in your life? These pieces makes me think that you have.


Thank you Lydia! The feather is a silkscreen and the blue peacock is a fellow that I met at the Grounds for Sculpture in NJ. Yes, I have met many peacocks, they are fascinating to watch, the most beautiful are the pure white ones that used to be at the Johnson Park in New Brunswick, NJ many years ago. They look like white lace when they display. I shall have to draw them next. Cheryl